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Friday, December 4, 2015

Tis That Season Again

Do We Love Christmas?


For some insane reason the people we live with....well ok, our Christmas time. They love the lights, the Christmas tree, wrapped presents under the tree and having family visit.

What does that mean to us kitties?

Not anything good I assure you!

We love to climb, should it surprise the people we do stuff like this?

After a couple Christmas's the people said they got smart and started keeping us in the bedroom when the tree appeared in the house. We loved climbing and knocking off the ornaments and Simba loves biting off the needles of the tree. To top it off its a fake tree and it makes Simba sick, so thanks Simba. That was the last straw that leads us to be locked up until the tree comes down.

Then there is the Santa suit....the suit that fits no one yet our people thing it is so so cute. Ugh!

The hat insists on falling behind our heads most of the time. Which for us cats is great because we hat Santa hats even more than the suit!

Simba has a smaller head! The hat fits, but then there is the issue off the dingle ball bopping him between the eyes! Oh yes the people think its cute too. What is wrong with them?

I work real hard at letting my people know how much I hate this suit. They keep saying "how adorable" and "so cute". Makes me want to hiss...but I don't. They give me treats for wearing this garbage. Oh and don't worry its only a few minutes as they frantically try to snap those cute photos.

Then mom puts our photos on junk to sell....just crazy cat lady behavior if you ask me.

So do we love Christmas? No we kitties don't, but you people do, so have a Merry Christmas.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Return Of The Evil Eye Halloween Adventure

A Halloween Short Story

It started with one cute little witch kitty. She was with her friend the bat trying to conjure up plans for Halloween.

She realized, she had the purrfect plan! 
But wait....what evil do I see??

What kind of evil witch makes boots out of kittens!?!  Oh the horror!! There is no limit to what evil this little witch cat will do!

The evil kitty witch consulted with her little black kitten and her strange blue faced cat head creature and they all agreed, it was time to bring evil back for Halloween.
So the blue faced cat head put on his bat wings and transformed into a bat. Off he flew in search of evil and said he would not return until it was found.

 And the bat returned with the evil eye and proudly announced he had brought evil to Halloween.

There was terror in the land to hear the evil eye was back. Halloween was about to be ruined, something had to be done to stop this evil!

And then, out of nowhere....he appeared...there was hope!

 I am here! I will save you from this horrible evil eye and all the evil it brings!

I will destroy you once and for all evil eye, those bat wings won't help you!

Hold on! Hold on! What is this "I" business, we are a team remember? 

WHAT? The evil eye is back! Let's get that ugly thing!

Suddenly there was the flap of bat wings, this bat is not letting the evil eye go down without a fight!

Guys I did it! I defeated the evil eye and stopped the bat! 

Yay! Mazi is the Hero!
Happy Halloween to all have a fun and safe Halloween
from Kali, Mazi and Simba

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Kali And Mazi

A Birthday Milestone!

Where has the time gone? 10 Years ago Kali and Mazi were born. We picked them out when they were only 13 days old. They have been such a huge part of our lives and they have enriched it so much.

Let's take a look at how they looked at kittens. 10 years ago we had one of the early digital cameras that had a lot of problems so the photo quality is not good. But I think you can still enjoy seeing Kali and Mazi as little kittens.

This was Kali several weeks old. I don't have a date for this photo, but we did not bring them home until 12 weeks old. This was taken at the breeders house, I am guessing between 6 and 8 weeks here. 

Here is Mazi, taken the same day as Kali's photo. You can already see he was going to be a beautiful cat with a big personality.
When Kali was tiny, she loved to climb up and perch on my shoulder.
Looking at these photos today reminds me of how tiny they were. Kali is on the left and Mazi is on the right.
 The toy looks huge next to them as tiny kittens.
This was a couple weeks after the previous photo, they are are growing.
Mazi the great pouncer.
 We finally got to bring them  home, still so small at 12 weeks but what bundles of energy.
Kali grew to be 10 lbs and Mazi grew to be 12 lbs. 
 Thanks for taking some time to look through our baby pictures.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Simba

Simba Just Turned 9 !

We can't believe it, Simba is 9 years old today!
It is shocking how fast time flies.

Mom put this dumb hat on me. Phhhtt!
She says it is my special day, really? Dumb hat day?
I think to make up for this stoopid hat mom, you need to make me special foods. I want some fish today, OK?

Once I dump this hat I am going to sit in one of my favorite places MOL on top of daddy cats neck!

Now while I am thinking of more mischief to get into, how about that nommy fish?

Ok Simba, coming right up, some nommy fish for your birthday. Happy birthday Simba boy.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Hanging Around

What Have We Been Up To?

Us kitties have been busy doing cat stuff and momma cat has been busy doing people stuff. She is pretty boring so we will just share a few of the kitty things we have been doing.

We live in a desert community so we rarely get snow and are thankful we don't live where everyone has gotten snowed in this year. Although it does get a bit cold, and here you see me (Mazi) all nice and cozy in the kitty bed in front of the window and big ol Simba had to come squish me to get warm.

Simba has been busy being the goofy cat that he is, sitting on daddy cat's shoulders. Mewow he is heavy sitting there.

Kali and Simba still have their little love hate thing going on. Here she is just minding her own business when Simba comes up and pounces on the back of the chair.

Hey this chair is occupied! Get Down! Phhhttt!! Mine! Scram! Phhhtt!

And there she goes, chasing him over the top of the chair and off. I think he should have listened to her.