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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Hanging Around

What Have We Been Up To?

Us kitties have been busy doing cat stuff and momma cat has been busy doing people stuff. She is pretty boring so we will just share a few of the kitty things we have been doing.

We live in a desert community so we rarely get snow and are thankful we don't live where everyone has gotten snowed in this year. Although it does get a bit cold, and here you see me (Mazi) all nice and cozy in the kitty bed in front of the window and big ol Simba had to come squish me to get warm.

Simba has been busy being the goofy cat that he is, sitting on daddy cat's shoulders. Mewow he is heavy sitting there.

Kali and Simba still have their little love hate thing going on. Here she is just minding her own business when Simba comes up and pounces on the back of the chair.

Hey this chair is occupied! Get Down! Phhhttt!! Mine! Scram! Phhhtt!

And there she goes, chasing him over the top of the chair and off. I think he should have listened to her.