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Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Are Bootiful!

It's the time of year where strange things happen.
Beware all who enter here!
From another time, another place, comes the creepy

Evil Eye!!!!

Oh noooooooo!
It sounds scary!!

Oh I see it! 
I'm scared! 

Hey!! What is this on me??

A strange thing has happened with the arrival of the evil eye.
The kitties are transformed into strange creatures.

I hate this evil eye!
It is truly evil.

Kali, I like those wings, they look cute.

But wait.... the evil eye is not finished with it's dastardly deeds!

Something feels kinda funny. can't be, it's just my imagination.

Eeeeek!  I'm a mouse!


Yet again, the evil eye is not finished transforming theses sweet kitties into scary creatures.

Oh no, it got me too didn't it?

Now this is ridiculous!

This is not scary.
I would rather be a vampire cat or something.
I hate this evil eye!

Where did my cute wings go?
I'm a pumpkin head! 

Curse you evil eye!!

Happy Halloween to all our friends!
May the evil eye stay far from you and you have a wonderful time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Announcing Our Huge Blog Rearrangement

Momma Cat Started our Blog on Sunday, May 25, 2008 and has been adding to it ever since.

Sometimes it was hard to learn how the stuff worked on here but bit by bit it got easier. 
But as it got easier, Momma found more and more stuff to put on the Bloggy! 

To say it got a bit cluttered is putting it mildly!

 Yeah mom, it was a mess. There, someone had to say it.

A while back, the blog was changed from bright pink and magenta to the cool greens and it got a lot of nice comments. Lately visitors were saying, rather politely, things like
"Your blog has a lot of stuff on it. It's going to take a while to read through it.

Thank you nice polite friends for not saying it's too cluttered and full of junk!
(We know you were thinking that.)

Today we are happy to say that the blog is now more organized and hopefully easier to read.

Yay! New and improved!

 But wait there's more!

The blog is set to only display one post at a time. There will be the archive on the right side where you can select older posts to read. 

 Oh that will make it easier to read!!

We got a new feature too, under the current post you are reading there will be 3 thumbnails of previous posts stating "You might also like:"  then just click on the thumbnail to read that post.

 I like the new changes! And we have pages now too!

Under the Blog header, you now see tabs for the newly created pages.
Just click on the tabs to navigate to the new pages.

  • The Home tab, brings you to the Home page with the current blog post.
  • The Blog Awards page has a list of the Blog Awards received with photos and links.
  • The Cute Stuff page is where most of the animations were moved.
  • The Silly Photos And Videos page is where many photos and videos will be added.
  • The Stuff For Kitties and Yourself page is my affiliate page where you can buy some cool stuff.
  • Other Fun Cat Sites page is a list of blogs and a few other pages replacing the Blogger Blog Roll.

Wait now, you are forgetting something. What about us kitties?
We are not known for patience you know.

OK, OK, the blog was not updated as often as it should have been this year.
The kitties have been up to a lot of crazy stuff that needs to be shared. Now saying there will be X amount of posts a month seems to be the kiss of death for any blogging plans, so, let's just agree that in the coming months, there will be a huge effort to get some more fun stuff on here.

Also, thank you readers, we have passed the 1000 view mark on our counter!
(Yes, I started it at 0 views.)

This rearrangement was a lot of work and we cannot wait to see what you think.
Please take a look around and leave some comments.

Please leave a comment, purrty please?
I'm waiting. Purrr...purrrr... purrr.