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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Its That Meowy Time Of Year

Well momma cat really blew it, she let November blow by without a post. We didn't get to mention our nommy turkey nibbles. Phhtt! Bad momma cat! Here we are just days away from Christmas and momma cat is running around like a ol cat lady! There I said it! MOL
Now to make things even more crazy around here, Simba hurt himself pretty bad. We were really upset when it happened but he is doing great now. Momma didn't see what exactly he did, but based on where she found all the bloods, it looks like he feel off the shower door and somehow into the bathtub. Normally for a cat that wouldn't be such a big thing, but he got a claw hung up somehow and pulled off the end of his toe. *shudder* it's just and awful thing.

Here is the side view x-ray, looks just like the toe is bent weird.

Here is the top view x-ray.You see number 4 toe on the right is missing its tip with the claw. It is snapped off :(  this was the x-ray taken before they had to finish and remove the toe tip, they said its underneath in this view but the toe digit pulled away from the rest of the toe. Poor Simba boy. I can't imagine how bad that hurt.
And Simba had the cone already off by the time momma cat walked from the vets door to load him in the car! Phhttt! What a houdini cat! MOL So she couldn't get it back on him and the vet said the bandage needs to be in place for 3 days. It made it almost a full 2 days. Funny thing is, the foot part came off and he still has bandage on his ankle area above the foot. So he didn't mess with the toe at all, he is trying to get the bandage off but it's been a week and it's still there! They got the sticky stuff all over the fur and it pulls it out so he does bitey bite if momma cat tries to get it off. MOL! All should be back to normal by Christmas when the other crazy stuff happens.

We hope you have a purry Meowy Christmas this year, and hope you still love our Simba Santa cat, even though he has one less claw now.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kitty Halloween Costume Fun

This year has flown by and here we are playing in our costumes! OMC! 
Momma got us some cute ones this year. Of course we got dressed in our kitty fashions and had to show off a bit. MOL

So welcome to our Halloween Costume show, its kinda like a fashion show and kinda not!

Back off Simba!  I got a photo shoot to do! Plus on top of that I am in uniform!
Kitty can't get no respect. Phhhtttt!

Good riddance!

Well this is disappointing, my hat won't stay on. What kind of sailor can I be without my hat! Plus mom couldn't figure out if my uniform looked better like this in the front or on my back like a cape.
Phhhtt! I will just sit here looking annoyed with the whole thing.

Time for some Halloween mancat cattitude!
Halloween is about being scary and mean no a cute little sailor.
Come near me...I will cut you! MOL  I'm a bad biker cat. 
Mom? Why didn't I get a black leather jacket? I want a motorcycle jacket!

Right in the middle of looking tough and full of cattitude, my hat starts falling off! Phhht!!

There, this hat is not going any where now! MOL

Now time for a scary clown kitty! You know lots of people are so scared of clowns they even faint.
MOL, I got the power to scare you with my clownlieness!!!! Booooo!
Here I come! Run you puny hooman! Phhhtt!!!
I see you down there all fainted hooman, you should have run while you had the chance! 
Oh its my turn!
I'm a lil devil, momma calls us boys that a lot! MOL!
I be a big red horned devil. Phhtt! 
I'm sending you evil devil thoughts! 
Did my evil scare you off?
Now who's the man cat devil?
Who needs a pitch fork when you have claws! phhhhtttt!!!!
I'm gonna get some fires and brimstones and toss em at you and then......

Awwwwwwwwww momma why did you stop me?
I was having fun being evil, I'm suppose to be evil.
Well folks, this is the end of our Halloween Costume fashion show. 
We hope you have enjoyed it. We are wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Oh one more thing, these little spiders on my Howl-O-Ween collar, they are wiggly little bugs and yup, I nom on em. See one there by my foot. MOL!

Happy Howl-O-Ween!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Birthday Day

Wait...what? Birthday, it's Talk Like  Pirate Day!

 Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day everyone!

Um ok, it's true, our birthday is on Talk Like A Pirate Day.
Should I be happy to have my birthday interfere with my pirate duties?

I thing Not and I think I will talk like a pirate all day and steal extra nomms from the cupboard like any true pirate would do.
Avast ye skallywags! Watch out for me pointy sword! You will be planking soon! 

Planking? Phhhtt! You gotta be kidding me, it's "Walk the plank!" not planking!

Seriously Mazi, we have to get ready to celebrate our birthday.  

Hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  are you listening Mazi?

I'm ready to celebrate our birthday.  
Come on Mazi, let's go pawty!

Yay! Now we are both ready for our birthday. Mom keeps saying we are getting special tunas for our birthday and lots of cuddles. Mazi hates kisses but mom will probably give him several kisses on his nose. MOL I like her kisses so I am looking forward to them.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr How can I talk like a pirate with this pointy little bright colored birthday hat? Aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg!  PPhhhhtt!!

I hope you have an arrrrggg of a pirate day and enjoy talking like a pirate.....and if you get an urge for some nommy cake.... have a piece of cake and think about us today on our birthday.

Thanks furrends, now back to pawtying!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy World Cat Day

Mom was playing with her graphics program this morning.

She hopes everyone out in da net has a wonderful world cat day and tells effurryone how wonderful having a cat is. 

Give your kitties extra noms and cuddles today, hey even break out some nip, make it a fun day for your cat!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kitties And Flowers

Mom really misses being able to put a vase on the table with flowers. She loves trimming the rose bushes and bringing fresh flowers in the house.  Sometimes she has people give her bouquets of flowers for special occasions, but us kitties have our eyes on the flowers as soon as we see them.

Oh yes, we get excited when we see them, then we sniff them, then we NOM on them. Mom does not like us nomming on them so then the flowers get taken away.

Mom was taking the flowers away here and I followed it to the edge of the table. I just love those delicate rose petals. nom nom nom.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cheezeburger Time For Kali

First want to say, all is OK here!

 Silly mom was playing with her computer and made a silly photo of me.  We are not under water or drowning. MOL!

Dis iz so humiliating! MOL!

I do love to run up the ladder anytime daddy cat brings it into the house, because kitties love to climb.

I can assure you, if we ever did have a flood, I would meow the loudest meows a kitty could ever  meow! 

I just noticed dat water effect makes one of my eyes look all droopy. phhhTTT!

Now if for some reason you want to share da Cheezeburger or vote on it, her is da linky (thank you purry much):

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Even More Box Fun

We have a lot of fun with boxes because that is what kitties do! 

Simba says "Mom says this box says food on it, where is the food?"

I love mai box! 

Hellooooooooooooo way down there!  MOL

We hope you take some time to have fun with simple things too.
Purr and play moar.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Friends

We are wishing all our friends a Happy Easter!

Mom put these bunny ears on me but I think my big Savannah cat ears are big enough. I don't get what the big deal is about this bunny. I'm a carnivore and I want meat, not silly colored eggs. I will admit, they are pretty, but not nommy for a cat!

Mom spent a bunch of time making some of these eggs to share with family. Thankfully she said they are not for kitties!

Maybe she will have some good meat for me later.
Maybe ham? mmmmm  nommy ham!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today Is National Love Your Pet Day

Did you know today, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day?

Well Meow!?  At our house everyday is love your pet day!

I feel sorry for the pets who have families that have to be reminded to love them, but it is kind of cool to have a pet day.

Mr Mazi decided to give us Bengals a bad name again and pee in da front window.
You can see de offending butt just next to me in dis photo.
Not very smart to do on love your pet day, mai brother is dumb.

Whoa, wait a minute!

A mancat has to do what a mancat has to do.
Those neighborhood cats come around and I gots to let dem know,
dis is mai house, so I pee at dem!
Besides, I just stay up here for a while until mom isn't mad anymore.
I will get cuddles and noms in no time. So who is da dumb cat now?

Happy National Love Your Pet Day to everyone!
I hope all pets get extra cuddles and noms today, even the naughty ones.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Box Cave

We love boxes! Every shape and size of boxes! 

Sometimes we have so many boxes momma calls it our kitty box city!

Then she goes crazy and the boxes disappear???

Right now we have this very special Box Cave.

Do you see me? The box cave is on its side right now.

There are bunches and bunches of this magical brown paper that makes
fantastic crackle and rustling sounds. 

 The box cave has been tipped back up now.

Look at the sea of papers I am in!

Now when mom can't find us she goes and looks in the box.

Here you can see Simba in the box cave. 

Listen to that wonderful noisy paper!!

I hope you get to have a great box cave too.