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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cats 'N Jackets

I never thought I would be a crazy cat lady dressing up my cats, but here I am today doing just that. My hubby and I have a motorhome and bring the cats with us when we take the motorhome out. I needed a way to be able to control the cats, so when they were kittens I started working with each of them and a harness.

The problem I had with the harness was the cats are little houdini's and immediately wiggle thier way out of the harness! We had a very bad experience in the back yard with Mazi and Kali. They freaked out when we took them out on the grass and Mazi wiggled out of his harness and ran up the hill. At the top of the hill is a wood fence between our house and the neighbors house. On the other side of the fence are two wildly barking large Corgi dogs! Little Mazi just wanted run up that fence so bad. He scared us to death, but we were able to get him to come near enough to grab him before he jumped. That ended our outdoor experiments with the harnesses. So No, we do not take our cats for walks, although there are some people who do.

I went to a cat show and found a vendor who sews the cat walking jackets and they seem to do the trick. The cats cannot wiggle out as easily, but it isn't impossible to wiggle out of either.

When we go in our motorhome, the cats are in thier carrier first. We transport them to and from the house to the motorhome in the carriers. I use a leash on them inside the motorhome while we are traveling. Once we are camping at our destination, I can take the leashes and jackets off. The jackets give you something to grab onto if you need to quickly stop a cat, such as my hubby getting ready to get out at the gas station. When they see me get the jackets and carriers out, they know its time to go.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Its a Hot Summer

This week has been very hot. We hit 112 deg. F this week and thats pretty hot. The poor kitties in thier fur coats don't understand energy conservation. We have the temp set to 80 during the day, but in a fur coat thats still a little hot.

A big box arrived the other day with some fun packing pillows that the kitties had a blast with. The box was fun for them too. This was a great diversion from the heat.

Time for a friendly wrestling match.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Well its here, the 4th of July. We started out at 4 am with the sounds of a cat fight and cats running across the bed like a heard of mini elephants. ugh! So I got up and fed the little darlings and attempted to get to sleep in on my day off from work. Sleeping in at this point consists of dozing and waking in 15 minute intervals until one gives up.
The really crazy thing after we get up in the morning is the cats settle down and take a cat nap! What gives? I don't know why they think they should be the only ones to enjoy a lazy morning!
Last night Kali was in her chase mode again. Simba likes to get up on top of the refrigerator and curl up. I have a flattened fabric lunch bag up there and there is a small ice chest too. So last night as Simba is nice and cozy up there, Kali spots him and corners him up on top of the fridge. Poor Simba couldn't get out of the corner until she got a few good smacks in on him. Lucky for him, I trimmed her claws the day before. Here is a pic of Kali and Mazi on top of the fridge. Mazi is back in the corner where Simba got bopped.
She spent the other part of the evening chasing him around the house. Simba got up on top of our 42 inch flat screen TV and tried to lay on his stomach and straddle the TV. His tail kept covering up the center of the TV and we were laughing because it looked like the people talking on TV were nibbling at his tail. After a few minutes of amusement by our Savannah on the TV, Kali discovered he was doing something that she did not give him permission to do. So she chased him off the TV and the took over his spot!
I hope you all have a nice 4th of July. We plan to have a very quiet one here at home. The kids are all married and the cats don't want to go see fireworks.