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Monday, September 19, 2011

Double Triple Special Day

Do we sound excited? Yes we do! Why?

Well today is talk like a Pirate Day!
Now you can talk like a pirate any day, but today has been set aside as  a special day where everyone talks like a pirate. 
(When I say everyone, I mean all da cool cats in the world. You wanna be cool don't ya?)

Arrrr I want toona! I want a bottle of niprum! Yo ho ho and a bottle of nip rum!

But wait, that's only one special thing! What is the other special things?

It's our Birthday!

Today is our ( Kali and Mazi's ) 6th Birthday! Yay we are 6!

We got a special kitty collage picture here to remember some of our fun moments together.
But we got so many pictures, it was hard to choose. This is just a tiny sample of fun.
You can take a look at some of our older blog posts if this  put you in the mood to reminisce MOL !

arrr yes, dis pic goes over da edge of da bloggy center, but we be pirates today, we don't care! arrrrr

Arrrr Happy Birthday me hearties! Dere will be some serious rable rousing going on today.

Boarding ships, gathering up da gold booty and nip supplies! Arrrrrrrr

Be on the lookout for da Skurvy Dogs!  Dey will be keel hauled if dey cross us!

We are invincible!! We are da Birthday Pirates! Aye yes! Come join us mateys!