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Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Are Hungry!

I'm looking for something to eat.
A cat's gotta eat you know.

Did you hear some group voted Apps as the word of the year for 2010?

Why do I mention this? Because No. 2 word of the year was NOM!

I love to NOM! nom nom nom.... so I need to get some food.

Oh something looks really good up there.

Now that looks really nommy right up there!

If I do this right, I should be able to get up there
and grab some great nommy treats!

Hey Simba, whatcha doin in the fridge?
Mazi, I found the best place in the whole 
world for fresh nomms!

Move over Simba, let me up here.
Mazi, there isn't enough room for both of us!

Come on Kali, help me get some of the good stuffs from here!

Happy Nomming everyone!