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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot Summer Days

It has been pretty hot here lately. 
I suppose it is because we are in the middle of our Summer season.

The heat makes us very lazy. We take lots of cat naps.

They say we get a dry heat in our desert, but it zaps away our energy.
Why do they say dry heat, like it is something good?

 I'm just not interested in playing and definitely do not want to sit in the window!

Watch Kali do her cute little floor shimmy move in this video.

Click this link to go directly to the video.

Everybody try to stay cool and be sure to drink plenty of water.

We love our fountain. Do you have a pet fountain too?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Have A New Look!

The cats of Bengal Cat Domination has long protested the pink blog colors. 
Today a large chunk of time was spent reformatting this blog with the new template,
and the cooler green tones.

Yeah, Like my eyes, see? 
My eyes are a deep hypnotic green.  

Mine are green too!
A pale shade of green, but still green.

Hey boys, don't think you have the monopoly on green eyes here !
Mine are piercing green.

You guys keep forgetting about me, little Bitsy.
I have been here for almost 8 months and you keep leaving me out of the blog.
I have tired green eyes, because I'm a really old lady cat.

Don't start acting like you are the Lady Cat of the house now Bitsy! Phhtt!
Now back to the issue at hand, 
We want this to stay green, not pink.

Yeah! Phht! No Pink.

What do all our blogging friends say?

Make it Pink?
Keep it Green?


Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4th of July

We hope all our friends here in the US had a wonderful 4th of July.
While the kitties of the house were having a typical cat day for the 4th of July, the people of the house solved the missing mice mystery. 

The fuzzy rattly mice keep entering the house and disappearing, it has been a mystery for quite some time.
Their favorite hiding place is under the Stove! They must be cold mice?
No, that's not it. 
They are victims of cat hockey.
Mr. Simba is the biggest offender, however the other cats are not innocent either.
This is a sample photo of the mice found hiding under the stove, there were about a dozen more not shown.

Now with the Stove out of the way, the microwave also was removed.
Kali inspected but found no mice in the overhead cabinet.

Ok, my work is done, time for a quick exit!

The stove and microwave were good little soldiers and performed for 17 years.
Now they are tired and need to be retired.

Now the people of the house were nervous about a delivery on the 4th of July holiday.
They got a crazy recorded message saying it would arrive between 5 pm and 9 pm, on the 4th of July!!
The afternoon dragged on as they waited, would the delivery show up?
At 6 pm they got the answer!

They are here!  The new appliances arrived!
Hey, it smells different than the old one.
Its all shiny white and new.

Hey, look up here! They got a new microwave too!

OK, who will be the first to play mouse hockey under the new stove?