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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Cat from Our Past

Meet Sabre, she was a fat little cat that wouldn't get pushed around.

We saved her from a grouchy old man in front of K Mart giving away kittens in a box.

In this photo, she is laying on the pony wall between the shower and bathtub in our master bath. She made the master bedroom and bathroom her domain and didn't come out to the rest of the house very often.

She would play with Tigre once in a while. She would turn into Sumo kitty and squash Tigre underneath her. We would laugh at how mad Tigre would get and how much more Sabre would hold her down.

Sabre was the first cat I ever heard growl like a dog. She hated the doorbell and no matter where she was in the house, if someone rang the doorbell she would start growling.

This was a poor photo I scanned. I need to look and see if I have some more pictures of her.

Sabre loved the chemicals on photos and chewed a million holes in lots of photos, I guess she wanted to keep me from having any pictures of her.

She is a kitten in this photo, she was white underneath with a mixture of gray, black and small patches of brown. She had a short life of 6 years, but she was greatly loved.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Were there cats before 2 Bengals and a Savannah?

Before we had Kali, Mazi and Simba, we had a few other very loving cats.
For the next couple of blog posts, I would like to share our previous, very much loved, kitties.

I found some photos that I scanned a few years ago. These were taken before I had a digital camera so the quality is not very good. But you can see what little beauties our kitties were.

There are also some digital photos in the bunch that were taken with our first digital camera.

First, and also last, there was

Tigre was a beautiful and fiesty little tabby cat.

She was afraid of strangers but loved her people.

She would not cuddle with the other cats, but she slept next to me every night.

Tigre loved bows, we would stick them on her and she thought she was beautiful.

Tigre was the queen of our hearts.

She lived with us for 17 years and left very deep pawprints on our hearts.