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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stunning Keisha Thought Of Us

Oh I am so excited! We got a new award from that wonderful blogger the Stunning Cathy Keisha.

Thank you so much! purrrrr    Look how purrrrty it is!

The rules of this award is to share 7 things you love and can't stop thinking about. 
My list might surprise you and since I am the dominate cat (Kali) this will be from my purrspective.

  • I LOVE to bop Simba on da  head and knock him off of stuff or chase him. I do this off and on all day and night. It drives momma cat and daddy cat crazy, but they still love me and know I gotta do what I gotta do. They do get a little mad when I do that in the middle of the night on their bed.
 Here I am getting ready to bop him on the head. Mom caught me in action so it's a bit blurry.

  • I love to eat. I am a bad begging kitty (according to mom). But who doesn't love nomms?
 These are some beautiful birds that showed up at our house. I wanted to nomm them so bad but mom wouldn't let me. phhhhtt!

  • I love to get in mom's lap and make her stop typing on the computer.

Here I am on the back side of the laptop, making my approach to the other side, so I will be the laptop! 
No more typing momma!

  • I love NIP...nipppppppppppp..... did I say I love nip?

  • I love the feather toy. Mom keeps it in a special closet and I come running when I hear that door start to open. I usually get first swat at it. MOL  Simba and Mazi have to wait for me because I am the queen kitty of the house.
Which does not excuse mom for not having a photo of me chasing the birdie feather toy! Phhtt!

  • I love to climb up the cat tree and run around on our huge cat shelf. We have the purrfect house for cats.
Here I am relaxing on the cat tree. Sorry for the noisy back ground.
  • I love my family which includes momma cat daddy cat and my brother Mazi. Simba phhtt! You aren't my family. phhht! I don't care what mom says.
 My brother Mazi on the left, me Kali on the right.
Now I am suppose to pass this award to 5 other  bloggers. OMC this is the hard part! I can't pick 5!
Ok so anyone who wants to play the game is welcome to grab the award and share your favorites.
Purrr  it's time for a catnap, too much typing now.