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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Mew Year!


We are ready to pawty in the new year!

2011 has been a busy year, a lot of fun but a little bit of sad too.
Here are some of our highlights from the year.

Our year started out with our usual mischief and fun.

In May, we said goodbye to our sweet little Bitsy. She lived with us 1 1/2 years after showing up very sick on our doorstep. She was an old girl but very spoiled those last months of her life.

We enjoyed cat appreciation day...what cat would not enjoy that!

We even got involved in cat rights with the revoLOLshun, MOL!

We explored several pet social websites, that was a lot of fun.

In October we had a really fun Halloween where we were so bootiful in our costumes, then our bloggy got a make over. It is so much better now. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

After we Bengalized our cat tree for a few years, we got a new one.
That was a really fun event, except Mazi had to ruin it by getting hurt and spending a couple days at the kitty hospital. Phhtt!  He is all better now and loves the cat tree.

And to finish off the year, we got this catastic award from Ann, Maggy and Zoey at Zoolatry.

It is purry bootiful!


Thank you for reading our bloggy, we enjoy sharing our kitty life with you all.
Have a blessed and safe New Years Eve and a Catastic Mew Year!

Time to pawty!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Meowy Christmas From Us To You

I hope all my friends are having a wonderful holiday season.

We celebrate Christmas at our home and want to share with you some photos from past Christmas days.

We are bad kitties, it is amazing that Santa Claws even leaves us treats. 

Our Christmas tree doesn't come out of it's box until a couple days before Christmas
because we love to tear it up. MOL ! 

Now don't think our mom and dad are mean to us, they have given us chances.
But the thing that pushed us into holiday exile in the bedroom is our Simba eating the tree!

We even have bitter stuff on the tree but he runs straight to it and nom nom nom. Then he throws up the plastic needles from the tree. This is very bad and dangerous for kitties so that is why we get exiled.

Our daddycat asked about us getting a real tree this year, but momma found out that the pine oils can be toxic plus the same thing with needles puncturing the insides of tummies. phhhtt!!

So here is Simba up in the tree, nom nom nom.

 Maybe my cuteness is what will save me from Santa's naughty list?

Simba, I look much cuter than you do in this Santa suit.

I don't like this suit Kali, you can have it back!

 Fine! It looks cuter on me anyway.... I need to fix the hat though.

These mancats just don't get it.
I bet I am the only one who will get treats from Santa at this house.
I hope  you are good and get some at your house.

Speaking of Santa Claws, you can read the letter we sent him on our friend, Rumpy Dog's blog

Meowy Christmas 
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fursbook in Peril

We made it! Thank you fellow anipals who could donate.
You can continue to read below to see what the issue was, but for now, we are good for 1 more year.
Yay!!! Thank you!

Well friends, a while back a wrote a review of animal friendly sites and my favorite site of choice is Fursbook. You can read the post here if you missed it:

Sadly the hosting site has raised their price and Fursbook may have to be shut down. The admin is working hard to try to make a free site somewhere else but is having problems with it. Rather than having something completely different than the Fursbook we all know and love, the admin is working to try to make this new site have all the same features. But sadly it is not cooperating and in a few days, we may loose our Fursbook if we do not pay the fee for the year.

We were planning to have our first anniversary pawty for Fursbook, but Thanksgiving got in the way. Phhtt!

To top it off, it is the holiday season and so many of us are stretching our money for family this year.

But, if it is at all possible, please donate any small amount you can spare.

Thank you so much.

Mom made a small donation, she is not working now, so she could not donate as much as she wanted. But the dollars do add up. It is understandable that not everyone can help. But if you can, please do.

To those who can help us, thank you for making your donation to Fursbook.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Out With The Old And In With The New Cat Tree

This is the old cat tree.

This is a little collage of our old cat tree.
The left top views show a post where the sisal rope is all shredded.
The right top view shows a post broken off and covered with duct tape.

The bottom left is Kali being cute for her photo but on the right,
she is busy Bengalizing her scratching post on the tree.

Not that it is a bad thing to do, it keeps the furniture from being Bengalized.
And Mr. Simba our Savannah is known to do some Savannah shredding too.
Mazi, Kali's brother is the cat that broke off the post.
He would lay on his back on that pedestal and push with his feet
against the next higher one. He would wiggle, get all excited and push.
This would make the post sway back and forth. He was having a great time until he broke it off.

The new cat tree arrived in a HUGE box.
It is the same brand cat tree as the old one, and we managed to make the old one last for 6 years.
They don't make the same exact model, but this one was as close as they make now. 

Simba is inspecting how nice and neatly it is packed.
Like sardines!

Oh, now there is a hole!

This needs inspecting!

I think I like this.

Everything is coming out of the box.

Hey! You forgot a piece in the box.

More inspecting!

Oh nice! A split level home!

This is a lot of hard work.

You can watch our video and see it all together here!
(Sorry it is a bit long, you don't have to watch the whole thing.)

Some of you know that Mazi got hurt, but he is much better now.
We had the old tree next to the new tree and he ran off the shelf with Simba chasing him. Then bounced sideways off the old cat tree. After 2 days in the kitty hospital and a week of meds, he was much better.
It's been about 3 weeks now, he is not 100% back to himself, he doesn't play rough yet and is cautious jumping. But we believe he will be back to normal soon.

All the accessories were removed after the second day with the vet.
Poor Mazi, but he is getting back to being himself.

He is merowing really loud again and jumping more every day.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Are Bootiful!

It's the time of year where strange things happen.
Beware all who enter here!
From another time, another place, comes the creepy

Evil Eye!!!!

Oh noooooooo!
It sounds scary!!

Oh I see it! 
I'm scared! 

Hey!! What is this on me??

A strange thing has happened with the arrival of the evil eye.
The kitties are transformed into strange creatures.

I hate this evil eye!
It is truly evil.

Kali, I like those wings, they look cute.

But wait.... the evil eye is not finished with it's dastardly deeds!

Something feels kinda funny. can't be, it's just my imagination.

Eeeeek!  I'm a mouse!


Yet again, the evil eye is not finished transforming theses sweet kitties into scary creatures.

Oh no, it got me too didn't it?

Now this is ridiculous!

This is not scary.
I would rather be a vampire cat or something.
I hate this evil eye!

Where did my cute wings go?
I'm a pumpkin head! 

Curse you evil eye!!

Happy Halloween to all our friends!
May the evil eye stay far from you and you have a wonderful time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Announcing Our Huge Blog Rearrangement

Momma Cat Started our Blog on Sunday, May 25, 2008 and has been adding to it ever since.

Sometimes it was hard to learn how the stuff worked on here but bit by bit it got easier. 
But as it got easier, Momma found more and more stuff to put on the Bloggy! 

To say it got a bit cluttered is putting it mildly!

 Yeah mom, it was a mess. There, someone had to say it.

A while back, the blog was changed from bright pink and magenta to the cool greens and it got a lot of nice comments. Lately visitors were saying, rather politely, things like
"Your blog has a lot of stuff on it. It's going to take a while to read through it.

Thank you nice polite friends for not saying it's too cluttered and full of junk!
(We know you were thinking that.)

Today we are happy to say that the blog is now more organized and hopefully easier to read.

Yay! New and improved!

 But wait there's more!

The blog is set to only display one post at a time. There will be the archive on the right side where you can select older posts to read. 

 Oh that will make it easier to read!!

We got a new feature too, under the current post you are reading there will be 3 thumbnails of previous posts stating "You might also like:"  then just click on the thumbnail to read that post.

 I like the new changes! And we have pages now too!

Under the Blog header, you now see tabs for the newly created pages.
Just click on the tabs to navigate to the new pages.

  • The Home tab, brings you to the Home page with the current blog post.
  • The Blog Awards page has a list of the Blog Awards received with photos and links.
  • The Cute Stuff page is where most of the animations were moved.
  • The Silly Photos And Videos page is where many photos and videos will be added.
  • The Stuff For Kitties and Yourself page is my affiliate page where you can buy some cool stuff.
  • Other Fun Cat Sites page is a list of blogs and a few other pages replacing the Blogger Blog Roll.

Wait now, you are forgetting something. What about us kitties?
We are not known for patience you know.

OK, OK, the blog was not updated as often as it should have been this year.
The kitties have been up to a lot of crazy stuff that needs to be shared. Now saying there will be X amount of posts a month seems to be the kiss of death for any blogging plans, so, let's just agree that in the coming months, there will be a huge effort to get some more fun stuff on here.

Also, thank you readers, we have passed the 1000 view mark on our counter!
(Yes, I started it at 0 views.)

This rearrangement was a lot of work and we cannot wait to see what you think.
Please take a look around and leave some comments.

Please leave a comment, purrty please?
I'm waiting. Purrr...purrrr... purrr.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Double Triple Special Day

Do we sound excited? Yes we do! Why?

Well today is talk like a Pirate Day!
Now you can talk like a pirate any day, but today has been set aside as  a special day where everyone talks like a pirate. 
(When I say everyone, I mean all da cool cats in the world. You wanna be cool don't ya?)

Arrrr I want toona! I want a bottle of niprum! Yo ho ho and a bottle of nip rum!

But wait, that's only one special thing! What is the other special things?

It's our Birthday!

Today is our ( Kali and Mazi's ) 6th Birthday! Yay we are 6!

We got a special kitty collage picture here to remember some of our fun moments together.
But we got so many pictures, it was hard to choose. This is just a tiny sample of fun.
You can take a look at some of our older blog posts if this  put you in the mood to reminisce MOL !

arrr yes, dis pic goes over da edge of da bloggy center, but we be pirates today, we don't care! arrrrr

Arrrr Happy Birthday me hearties! Dere will be some serious rable rousing going on today.

Boarding ships, gathering up da gold booty and nip supplies! Arrrrrrrr

Be on the lookout for da Skurvy Dogs!  Dey will be keel hauled if dey cross us!

We are invincible!! We are da Birthday Pirates! Aye yes! Come join us mateys!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are You a Social Animal?

These days there are many many choices for one to choose from online to be very social.  I'm sure no one doubts that. You may already know that a few of the big giant companies are so against social animals and setting up rules for people only. They are so hung up on 'real names" rather than "screen names". I actually find it a bit surprising in this day of identity theft risks with all our real data getting around.

Sadly the big boys in the social media explosion go on rampages of deleting and inactivating accounts.  What's the point? They say it is for interacting and socializing, people should be able to pick if they want their friend to know them by a real name or a screen name. Not everyone is online to catch up with old friends or family as the big guys assume.

So where does that leave us? What options are there for us who enjoy being a social animal, who enjoy leaving all those human problems behind and having good ol clean fun in the  social animal world?

Let me share a few places with you.
Please note that there are many sites out on the net and I am not trying to say I tried them all.
I'm also reviewing these as a free user and most of the sites limit how many photos or videos you can add as a free user.

(I'm not going to cover Catster or Dogster, they have been around for several years and most animal lovers have already checked them out. If you haven't, just google them and check them out. )

This is a large social site, some go online here as pet owners and some as a pet.
There are forums, photo and video galleries, chat, and articles and a rather simple profile.
When I checked out the chat there (a few times) it seemed to be some young people in there just goofing off, so not my cup of tea in the chat there. It looks like a good site if you want to see lots of dogs, cats and other pets and read about what their people have to say about them. They have a lot of articles about pet care as well.

So Into Cats is a small little community of cat lovers. It seems very sweet. A little quiet, and is growing a bit slowly. But if you want a small intimate group of friends to share with about your cats, this is the place to be. You can customize your profile and background and also use animated gif graphics on your posts and write blog posts. This site does not have chat but you can upload photos and embed videos. There are some apps available to add to your page through the Ning network. I don't know how many apps you are allowed to use.

Cat Hugger is a fun site based on a ship theme. There are quite a few members on this site. One thing they do different is you can sign up with one account and make several sub accounts. So you can sign up as the pet owner and have several pet accounts, or be all pet accounts.  There is one-on-one chat, forums and groups. You can also use animated gifs in you posts, upload photos and videos. You can also customize your background on your profile there. It seems like a nice bunch of members on there.

Friendburst is a rapidly growing site which is modeled after what myspace used to be. It is not loaded down with a bunch of apps and runs very smoothly. You can leave the large html and animated gif graphics on your friends profile just like myspace. It has one-on-one chat and group chat. There are a few animal people on there and they seem to be growing in numbers. You can customize your profile quite a bit and also upload photos and videos. Its a lot of fun if you like to be creative. The animal friends can find some great animal graphics to share too.

Fursbook is a site created for animal profiles, no human profiles. If you want to play as an animal this is the place that will always welcome you. Many of the members are part of the anipal community on Twitter.

But not everyone. You do NOT have to be a Twitter user to be on Fursbook.
You can customize your profile a lot, including the background and some apps from the Ning network. There are forums, groups and you can write a blog. You can also upload or embed photos and videos. There is one-on-one chat and group chat. There are also online games to play. This is an active group that is growing. This is a closed group and you can have access by invitation and verification. The site is striving to keep it animal profiles without s p a m.  Ask me if you think you would like to join.

Some enjoy just chatting on twitter. They have parties (pawpawty) nipclub, chickfest, dudefest, weddings, birthday pawties, and other social events. Many of them are fund raisers for animal charities and shelters. 
And lets not forget the Blogosphere, many are happy just blogging about the animal world and interacting with friends that way.

I hope I have encouraged you to check out some places you have not been yet. 

I hope you will leave me a comment, tell me what you like, or don't like, or if you are going to try some of the sites.

See you online!!!