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Friday, July 11, 2014

California Hybrid Cats Are In Danger

Yes, real danger!

There is a movement to ban hybrid cats in California.

I cannot believe I have to report to you this horrible event that is unfolding before my eyes. Several groups are pushing to have California Fish And Wildlife ban hybrid cats from this state.

I started writing my blog in May of 2008, shortly after adding our two Bengal cats, Kali and Mazi to our family and shortly after that, our Savannah cat boy, Simba. Over the years they have shared some of their silly antics and fun stories and even dressed in costume to make you smile.

We may have to leave this state, the state I was born in and have lived all my live. I am very sad that our land is loosing so many freedoms. Where will it stop?

Our family and friends love our cats, they have even been camping with us. They love people and children. 
As with any cat, there is an exception to that rule, just watch Animal Planet and see the domestic house cats that Jackson Galaxy helps families to resolve cat problems.

Banning is not the answer!

Please sign the petition to help us be saved from being banned on the link below.