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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Another year has gone by, wow.

Happy New Year to all our friends.

We hope that 2010 turns out to be a grrrrreat year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here Comes Santa Paws

Could this be Santa Paws?
This cute little guy just showed up, he seems a little cold and stiff.

How about me Mazi?
I can be Kali Santa Paws.

Oh yeah, I can do this.

How does that song go? Santa baby, I've been a very good girl, oh yea.

Kali ! You can't be Santa Paws, you're a girl, Santa's a boy.

Shut up Simba, or Santa Paws is gonna leave you a big

lump of coal in your Christmas sock, no kitty toys or treats.

I can be Santa Paws.
I'm a boy.
I like kitty toys and treats.

What else does Santa Paws do?
I remember something about a sleigh and flying reindeer.
Lets see, yep, visiting kitties all over the world on Christmas eve,
bringing kitty treats and toys to all the good kitties of the world.

Oh no, I don't think I can be Santa Paws.

I don't know a thing about reindeer, flying,

or being out in the cold all over the world on Christmas eve.

Lemme give a try, I can be Santa Paws, I'm a boy.

I love kitty treats and toys.

Reindeer and flying, that doesn't scare me.

But this dingle ball on this hat has got to go!

In fact this whole outfit just makes me look fat.

Hmmm, I've got an idea here.

Here's Santa Paws!

Awwww Santa Paws.

How about a little smoochie Santa Paws.

Now let me whisper what I want for Christmas.

Meowy Christmas to All from the kitties of Bengal Cat Domination.