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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Window To The World

Simba's Window

I love my big fan window. 
Several times a day I come up here and check out what is going on outside.

This is the highest window in our house. I can see really far and enjoy some great sun rays up here.

I like to be up here by myself but Kali and Mazi come up here too.
Kali likes to try to knock me out of the window.

Let me show you the fun way I get up and down from here.
(Not the knocking down way!)

I get all the way up in the window sill, it has plenty of room for me. I can turn around to come down.
Next, I just step over to this good ol clock.

So easy, I could do this with my eyes closed.

Next it is just a quick hop up on the shelf.

Yoooo hooooo here I am!

The other end of my shelf is a dead end.

 Down the cat tree and ready for a cat nap.

That concludes the end of the tour.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter To My Furends

I hope you all have a catastic Easter!

Spend some time with  your family and friends.

And if you find  little brown things on the floor, smaller than jelly beans,
Don't eat them, that is not chocololate that the Easter Bunny left.