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Thursday, December 13, 2012

It Is Christmas Time Again

Wow! Where did this year go?

It seems like we were just recovering from last Christmas and here it is Christmas again!

All the cute little Christmas decorations are coming out and of course us kitties just can't leave them alone.
It seems the people in the house should really know that when you have something cute and shiny, we are going to play with it. After all, everything is a kitty toy to us.

I'm mean, look at this, it's an adorable kitty with a bell and little angel wings and real feathers.
How can any self respecting cat resist such a beautiful temptation.  Phhhtt!

And a mouse? For Cat's sake, how is any cat going to allow a mouse in their house without a good chase?

There are so many fun irresistible pretty things that make great sounds when they fall and bounce through the tree to the floor. Oh and the rope! That fuzzy shiny rope is great to yank on and wiggle the limbs and make everything jingle.

Oh now look, Simba has beat me to the tree!
Look how much fun he is having!
This is another thing the people in the house get very upset about. 
Let's see, isn't it normal for a cat to climb a tree?

Well now you must excuse me,
I am going to go show Simba how a Bengal climbs a tree!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Get That Mouse

We got a new toy!

This is so exciting, we got a new mousie toy that goes and goes and goes!

All 3 of us are fast cats and we love smacking this little thing around.  (Oh I dream of a real mouse....some day....some day.)

Here is me and Simba at our first encounter with this crazy mouse.
Mazi was busy taking  a nap so Simba and I took the time to figure out what this little strange mouse was all about.
It has very strange feet and makes a weird sound.

The following day, Mazi was surprised to see this mouse for himself.  
He got a puffy tail and was so excited. 
He bopped the little mouse from one end of the kitchen to the other. Of course we joined in too, you don't expect us not to enjoy in the fun. 

Something tells me this little mouse is not good eating, but it is a lot of fun to chase!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween At Bengal Cat Domination

It's That Time Of Year
When Weird And
Creepy Things

    This Halloween a convention of kitty witches is scheduled.

Are we good witches or bad witches?

You decide!

Still not sure? Do you see evil in my eyes?

I think I heard something, is someone there?

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Ack!! I am in it's clutches! I'm caught!

I must think of a witches spell quickly!!

Alicat zam, yo ho ho, shazbot!


What the Cat?

Pirate socks! I must not yo ho ho in the middle of a spell!


I'm outta here!

Mazi has arrived for the witch convention.

I'm here! Where are the other witches??

No one is here yet! This makes me feel very evil now!

Oh phhht! I heard something scary!

What was that noise?

Yoooooo hoooo!

I am here and ready for the convention!

Do I look like an evil witch kitty or a good witch kitty?

What the phhhht was that big crashing sound!!!

They are off now! I got those stupid pirate socks off my feet!

It took a lot of running around and Mazi grabbed one off me that was stuck.

So, are we good witch cats or evil witch cats? You decide.

 Happy Halloween everyone!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stunning Keisha Thought Of Us

Oh I am so excited! We got a new award from that wonderful blogger the Stunning Cathy Keisha.

Thank you so much! purrrrr    Look how purrrrty it is!

The rules of this award is to share 7 things you love and can't stop thinking about. 
My list might surprise you and since I am the dominate cat (Kali) this will be from my purrspective.

  • I LOVE to bop Simba on da  head and knock him off of stuff or chase him. I do this off and on all day and night. It drives momma cat and daddy cat crazy, but they still love me and know I gotta do what I gotta do. They do get a little mad when I do that in the middle of the night on their bed.
 Here I am getting ready to bop him on the head. Mom caught me in action so it's a bit blurry.

  • I love to eat. I am a bad begging kitty (according to mom). But who doesn't love nomms?
 These are some beautiful birds that showed up at our house. I wanted to nomm them so bad but mom wouldn't let me. phhhhtt!

  • I love to get in mom's lap and make her stop typing on the computer.

Here I am on the back side of the laptop, making my approach to the other side, so I will be the laptop! 
No more typing momma!

  • I love NIP...nipppppppppppp..... did I say I love nip?

  • I love the feather toy. Mom keeps it in a special closet and I come running when I hear that door start to open. I usually get first swat at it. MOL  Simba and Mazi have to wait for me because I am the queen kitty of the house.
Which does not excuse mom for not having a photo of me chasing the birdie feather toy! Phhtt!

  • I love to climb up the cat tree and run around on our huge cat shelf. We have the purrfect house for cats.
Here I am relaxing on the cat tree. Sorry for the noisy back ground.
  • I love my family which includes momma cat daddy cat and my brother Mazi. Simba phhtt! You aren't my family. phhht! I don't care what mom says.
 My brother Mazi on the left, me Kali on the right.
Now I am suppose to pass this award to 5 other  bloggers. OMC this is the hard part! I can't pick 5!
Ok so anyone who wants to play the game is welcome to grab the award and share your favorites.
Purrr  it's time for a catnap, too much typing now.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

True Story - Mom Killed The Nip Plant

I couldn't believe my eyes. 
What happened to our beloved nip plant!?

Guys???  You better come see this.

 I'm so sad. I'm in shock.

OMC!! My Nip! Nooooo!
Kali! Come see!

It's worse than I could ever imagine!
It's all dried up and.......dead!?!?

Oh great and mighty Ceiling Cat,
I pray for this poor soul. Mr Catnip Plant 
will be deeply missed. 

A moment of silence please for our catnip plant.

Just on more.......


I'm gonna miss you nip, you were good nip.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July

Just a quick post here to tell all my friends here in the USA to have a happy and safe 4th of July. 

Keep your pets inside because it is a noisy scary night for pets outside.

And why do they say use safe and sane fireworks. Aren't fireworks a bit insane? 
Very pretty, but they also say don't play with fire.
Who are they and why do they say these things. 
I'm confused now.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Summer

We are enjoying a beautiful beginning to our summer.
A few hot days but nothing too bad so far.

Summer time is camping time, and seeing that we are indoor kitties,
well, we camp indoors!

Do you like our kitty tent?

Mom says no campfire. Phhtt!

How's a cat suppose to make smores?

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Rattlie Mice

Yes, it's me Kali, I'm sulking. 
You would be sulking too if you were me.

You see, my most favorite toys in the world are the little mice that have a rattle thing in them. 
I love chasing rattlie mice. Mom and Dad toss them in the air and I love to try and catch them in mid air.
I bop them around and play rattlie mouse soccer on the kitchen floor and even on the carpet.

It sounds like great fun doesn't it?
Well Simba has decided to ruin all my fun.

There she goes again, complaining about me.
I do an important job of population control in this house.
Those mice are out of control.

Here is the hidden evidence of them all living under the stove.

Dad freed the mice from their prison under the stove.
Hey! A couple of my favorite fishie toys are there too!
I wondered where they went to?!?!

I had a great day playing with my toys. 
I had so many to play with I didn't know which one to get next!

While I was having a great time, look what was happening in the kitchen!

Look how he gives them that extra shove at the end 
to be sure I can't reach them.
It's so mean of him!

Mazi walked by him and didn't even try to stop him. 
Lousy brother cat!

Here was all that was left by the next morning. 
Within a few hours of getting up in the morning, they had also been sent back to prison.

So now you understand why I am sulking.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Window To The World

Simba's Window

I love my big fan window. 
Several times a day I come up here and check out what is going on outside.

This is the highest window in our house. I can see really far and enjoy some great sun rays up here.

I like to be up here by myself but Kali and Mazi come up here too.
Kali likes to try to knock me out of the window.

Let me show you the fun way I get up and down from here.
(Not the knocking down way!)

I get all the way up in the window sill, it has plenty of room for me. I can turn around to come down.
Next, I just step over to this good ol clock.

So easy, I could do this with my eyes closed.

Next it is just a quick hop up on the shelf.

Yoooo hooooo here I am!

The other end of my shelf is a dead end.

 Down the cat tree and ready for a cat nap.

That concludes the end of the tour.