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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soaking Up Sun Beams

Mazi loves to just stretch out and soak up the sun beams from the window.

There is only room for me in this sun beam!

Now that's a good yawn Mazi.
No wonder you are such a loud cat, look at the size of that mouth!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simba Hurt His Tail

Simba loves to play ball. He loves to chase it, bat it, jump and catch it. Sometimes he even brings it to you like a little puppy dog. Sunday he was playing ball with my husband and having a great time. My husband tossed the ball up and Simba jumped about 4 feet in the air.

Unfortunately Simba is a bit of a clumsy cat and doesn't always land on his feet. He landed on his tail and hip with his back legs tucked under him. His tail puffed up and he hid under a table. We thought he hurt his hip or even his leg. After some time, we noticed his tail was limp and he could not move it. He would not let us touch his back end and didn't want us near him.

Later he came up and sat next to me on the couch and his tail was limp still. When he got up on the mantel and jumped down off the mantel, his tail slapped against the tile floor!

Why does this stuff always happen on the weekend?

We have a super expensive emergency pet clinic that we had a really bad experience with when one of our cats was very sick, so I really did not want to deal with them for this.
(The other cat died after we left it there for tests.) My husband & I were worried sick about him.

The next day my husband took him to our vet and they x-rayed his tail and found one bone that is out of alignment. He has a dislocated tail!
Poor Simba! He had to get a couple of shots and now we have to give him some pills. Today is Wednesday and his tail is doing better. He can move it now and hold it up from the ground. It still flaps when he jumps, but hopefully it will get stronger.

The vet says that only time will tell on how much he will recover.

This is how he held his tail above the ground before he injured it. It was always in a little J hook shape.

Here is another view of how his tail is held when walking prior to the injury.

He would twitch his tail when you talked to him and if you petted his back, his tail would come up and try to wrap around your arm. Right now he can't do that, but he is able to hold it in a bit of a J shape now.

Kali is still trying to chase him and smack him around a couple times a day, so we have to keep her away from him as much as possible. She can be such a brat.

Giving Simba is not fun. Ugh! It takes my hubby to hold him without squishing his hip and tail, and me trying to pop the pill in his mouth with the little pill syringe.
If the kitties only understood we are trying to help them when we poke and prod them.

One more thing, today is Simba's 3rd birthday, I almost missed it had I not noticed on Mycatspace. What a way to celebrate his birthday, poor little owie butt.