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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kitties Love to get Inside Things!

Here is Simba, our Savannah, he snuck inside this box that a crate came in.

How did he fit in such a flat spot?

On top of the box is Mazi.

Here is Mazi inside the Dasani container.
It never fails, he loves to hide in these as soon as they are empty.

Now Simba things the safe is a great place to hide.
"Get Out Simba" says Kali as she tries to smack him in the head.

Mazi managed to wiggle through the roll of carpet and have his head pop out the end.

Now Mazi is inside the cooler on top of the fridge!

"Get Out Mazi, Its My Turn" Kali says as she takes over again.

Mazi found another box to hide in.

Kali & Simba are trying to figure out how to push him out so they can play.