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Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Won In A Halloween Contest

Kali is Very Proud to Share her good fortune of 
winning a contest category
Best Cat Picture for Halloween.

Please go visit our pal JoeyBeanCat at his Blog to see the other winners at the link below.

We still have our other costumes up on our previous blog post,
so please be sure to scroll down and take a peek at us,
if you haven't already.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Got Halloween Costumes, Boo!

Ladies and Gentleman, Let me be your guide today through the images of SCAREY
Halloween Cat Costumes.
Those who are faint of heart, leave now while you can,
do not continue, you  may never be able to rid these SCAREY images from your brain!

I see you have chosen to continue.
Muahahahaha...... tread lightly.....

Behold! The creepy Mazi Cat,
by night he is a Devil Cat and by day a Pirate Cat.

Gaze at him as he magically changes from Devil to Pirate.

Warning! If the evil spirits are angry, the photos will load slowly.
They put an ad on the bottom of the slide show that can be clicked off with an X on the right.

Now for another SCAREY treat.
Kali will SCARE you with her Witch costume.


Unfortunately she insists on being girlie and has a Princess costume too.

She tries a weak save, by displaying a Joker costume.

And if you have not had enough of SCAREY cat costumes,
here are a few from last Halloween.
Count Catula! (Razor) came to visit last Halloween.

Mazi was an Angry Bee!

A Very Angry Bee.

An yours truly (Simba) was a Cowboy, not very scarey.

Kali made a very cute cowgirl.

I feel like putting a Hex on your! ahahaha (with my evil witch laugh)

Have a Happy and Fun Halloween!

Leave us a comment if you dare...muahahaha

We would love to know which costume you like the best.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Furminator Has Landed

The Furminator Has Landed and has met Bitsy.

Poor old Bitsy girl has fur that continues to mat and tangle no matter what I have tried.

Baby Patches on Twitter highly recommends the Furminator and explained how there is a great double bladed version available.

Here is an example of one of these Furminators.
Needless to say, I promptly ordered one.

Our little Bitsy does not like being handled much, she really stresses when groomed.

Here is how she looked "BEFORE" I started using the Furminator.

Since she has black fur, its a little hard to see.
Her fur is matting is several spots and there is lots of it.
I carefully cut out the mats with a scissor and used a large toothed comb before I started using the Furminator.

Then I slowly started using it. She screamed and hollered a bit and tried to get away but then she calmed down when she realized it wasn't that bad.
I was able to get most of her top side but could barely touch her underside or legs because she does not like anyone handling her there.
She loves little scratches on her head and around her ears & neck, anything else, she just freaks out and meows loudly. I imagine she is saying "don't touch me".

My goal is to use it on her weekly so she becomes used to it, then be able to use it a couple of times a week.

Here is her "AFTER" photos. 
It was, as I would describe it, a partial grooming session.
Anyone who has a pet that is stressing during grooming should take it slowly.
It's not important to get every bit the first time around, don't stress them to the point that they are going crazy and want to hurt you to get away.

Her fur is softer to the touch without so much dry dead fur inbetween.
The fur on her back is laying down a little better.

It did make a sizable pile of floof when I was done.
Not too bad for our first session.

It removed much more fur than a couple other tools that I have tried from the local store.
The other tools seemed to pull her hair and she could only stand a few strokes.
She was much more cooperative with the Furminator.

If you would like to order one of these for your floofy cat, I recommend buying from Baby Patches at the Nip and Bones Store