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Friday, June 24, 2011

We Got a Bloggy Award!

Thanks to my sweet friends of Bengal Business,,

We got a very special award!  

I also want to say Congratulations on your award Bengal Business on their award!

This award looks really nommy !!

Now with receiving this award,  I am requested to write 
7 unknown facts about me 
(actually us, 3 kittys here)
and  also give the award to 15 other bloggers.

  1. Kali is about half the size of Simba and she pushes him around.
  2. Simba is best buds with Mazi. They can cuddle together like real brothers.
  3. Simba likes to lick Mazi on the back of the neck and end it with a bite. Lick lick bite, lick lick bite.
  4. Both Bengal Cats and Savannah cats are very active. They can play with stuff all over the house and love to climb everything.
  5. Both the Bengals and the Savannah in the house can open drawers and cupboard doors and get inside.
  6. Simba got inside the tall dresser and fell from the top drawer to the bottom inside the dresser behind the drawers.
  7. All 3 cats are very vocal. Mazi is the loudest.

Now to pick 15 other bloggers. Let me tell you, even with so many blogs on my google reading list, it is really hard to narrow down who this 15 should be.  But here goes, in no particular order:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Now That's My Kind of Carousel

This is a pure feline masterpiece!

Such a beautiful Tiger!

 This beats the old carousel pony, I wanna hop on and ride.


 But wait, it is a vision of spotted beauty, 

I am speechless at the beauty in front of me.

This majestic cat means business.
Awwww to dream..... to be majestic and ride
for hours.

And rawr! A big rawr-y roar.

OMC !  My Dream has come true!

 Rawr ! 

Hop on, let's go, the music is starting...