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Friday, December 4, 2015

Tis That Season Again

Do We Love Christmas?


For some insane reason the people we live with....well ok, our Christmas time. They love the lights, the Christmas tree, wrapped presents under the tree and having family visit.

What does that mean to us kitties?

Not anything good I assure you!

We love to climb, should it surprise the people we do stuff like this?

After a couple Christmas's the people said they got smart and started keeping us in the bedroom when the tree appeared in the house. We loved climbing and knocking off the ornaments and Simba loves biting off the needles of the tree. To top it off its a fake tree and it makes Simba sick, so thanks Simba. That was the last straw that leads us to be locked up until the tree comes down.

Then there is the Santa suit....the suit that fits no one yet our people thing it is so so cute. Ugh!

The hat insists on falling behind our heads most of the time. Which for us cats is great because we hat Santa hats even more than the suit!

Simba has a smaller head! The hat fits, but then there is the issue off the dingle ball bopping him between the eyes! Oh yes the people think its cute too. What is wrong with them?

I work real hard at letting my people know how much I hate this suit. They keep saying "how adorable" and "so cute". Makes me want to hiss...but I don't. They give me treats for wearing this garbage. Oh and don't worry its only a few minutes as they frantically try to snap those cute photos.

Then mom puts our photos on junk to sell....just crazy cat lady behavior if you ask me.

So do we love Christmas? No we kitties don't, but you people do, so have a Merry Christmas.