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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Out With The Old And In With The New Cat Tree

This is the old cat tree.

This is a little collage of our old cat tree.
The left top views show a post where the sisal rope is all shredded.
The right top view shows a post broken off and covered with duct tape.

The bottom left is Kali being cute for her photo but on the right,
she is busy Bengalizing her scratching post on the tree.

Not that it is a bad thing to do, it keeps the furniture from being Bengalized.
And Mr. Simba our Savannah is known to do some Savannah shredding too.
Mazi, Kali's brother is the cat that broke off the post.
He would lay on his back on that pedestal and push with his feet
against the next higher one. He would wiggle, get all excited and push.
This would make the post sway back and forth. He was having a great time until he broke it off.

The new cat tree arrived in a HUGE box.
It is the same brand cat tree as the old one, and we managed to make the old one last for 6 years.
They don't make the same exact model, but this one was as close as they make now. 

Simba is inspecting how nice and neatly it is packed.
Like sardines!

Oh, now there is a hole!

This needs inspecting!

I think I like this.

Everything is coming out of the box.

Hey! You forgot a piece in the box.

More inspecting!

Oh nice! A split level home!

This is a lot of hard work.

You can watch our video and see it all together here!
(Sorry it is a bit long, you don't have to watch the whole thing.)

Some of you know that Mazi got hurt, but he is much better now.
We had the old tree next to the new tree and he ran off the shelf with Simba chasing him. Then bounced sideways off the old cat tree. After 2 days in the kitty hospital and a week of meds, he was much better.
It's been about 3 weeks now, he is not 100% back to himself, he doesn't play rough yet and is cautious jumping. But we believe he will be back to normal soon.

All the accessories were removed after the second day with the vet.
Poor Mazi, but he is getting back to being himself.

He is merowing really loud again and jumping more every day.


The Cat Guy said...

What fun!!! A new cat tree! The one you just got looks really similar to the one my kitties enjoy! They are great fun!

Let there me no more injuries and super fast healing for Mazi!

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy cracked up at "Bengalized"! You kitties are pretty vigorous with your tress...your new one look great!
Purrs for Mazi, and tell him to slow down, heh heh.

Cathy Keisha said...

I'm getting a new cat tree for Christmas. It's not as tall as what I wanted and doesn't have as much sisal, but it's real wood and carpet. I hope you enjoy yours and that no one else gets hurt.