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Thursday, September 11, 2014

About Hybrid Cats - Educate Don't Legislate Part 2

Education About Savannah Cats Rather Than Banning Them

What is a Savannah Cat? Savannah cats originated from crossing a domestic cat with an African Serval. The Savannah is smaller than it's Serval ancestor (typically between 14-20 lbs - smaller than most dogs in many homes) but has the Serval's beautiful shape and markings plus the personality of the domestic cat.

Savannah cats are loving and playful cats. They have more energy then any other cat I have been around. Our cat will out-play our Bengals, who are also very high energy cats. A happy Savannah will give lots of head butts when petted and loves attention from their people. They love to climb and we have great shelves and cat trees in our home for a lot of satisfaction of our cat's needs.


 Hello down there!


Savannah Jumping From Shelf And Cat Tree

Almost As Good As A Box

Did Someone Say Boxes?


Their funny cat antics keep us laughing

They typically are not what you would call lap cats. Some don't go on laps at all. Ours does when he is in the mood. If I try to pet him when he is on me he will get up. He doesn't like being picked up either. But he will be close and snuggle on his terms. I cherish our close times.

 Here you can see him on my thigh as I am typing away on my laptop.

He is very curious when we have visitors, always polite, he sniffs around and then will allow some pets from our visitors. If I bring out the feather toy, he will run around and play for our visitors too.

They love interactive toys like the feather toy and ours even plays catch with the ball. He follows you all over the house, does not like to be alone or shut out of the room, he wants to be with is people. He snuggles up on the bed next to us at night too. He is such a joy to have in our life.

Here is what TICA says about Savannah Cats:

About Savannah Cats

This website is a great resource to learn more from people who own Savannah Cats. Lots of wonderful photos and videos at home with their families. They are truly a member of your family when you have a Savannah Cat live with you.

Save Our Savannah Cats Website

Please write to California Fish and Wildlife and tell them this ban is wrong. I am posting a link here for my previous blog post where I have all the addresses to write too. We need them to hear from you and thank you.
Also if you haven't signed the petition to try and stop this, please do, it is also posted on this blog post  About Hybrid Cats - Educate Don't Legislate Part 1



Donna said...

Those photos are neat.

Flamincatdesigns said...

Thank you angel Keisha, nice to hear from you too. Hope your momma is doing well.

Donna said...

She good, thx!