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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cat Appreciation Day

According to someone on Facebook, today is 
Cat Appreciation Day.

Now, I tend to be a bit of a skeptic so I got out the old Google search and found that there have been a few Cat Appreciation Days. 

Now this was even more shocking because as far as I am concerned, EVERYDAY is Cat Appreciation Day.

Funny thing is, us cats of the RevoLOLshun are working on just such a project.
We are teaching our humans how to be much more appreciative of us cats and 
perfect the art of spoiling ones cat.

You see as a direct result of appreciating ones cat, it leads to nommy food, cuddles and scritchy scratches.

So while your sweet cat is taking its cat nap in its favorite little spot,

or your cats are in their little cuddle pile,

Think about how rich your life is with your feline and how empty it would be without them.

Have some wonderful nommy treats ready for them when they wake up
and give them some loving scritchy scratches.

There is nothing like the reward of a gentle purr from your cat.


Mariodacat said...

he he - I made M read your bloggy twice so she'd really get the hint avbout pprecikating me! I was working on getting extra treats, and it worked.

Flamincatdesigns said...

Thanks Mario, we always got to give moms a bit of a nudge. I'm glad you got your extra treats!

KnottedFingers said...

Hi! I just found your blog! I have one Bengal cat but am picking up my 2nd on Monday. I'm just in the hunt for more Bengal bloggers out there. :)

Flamincatdesigns said...

Hi Knotted Fingers, I can't wait to see you post about your new Bengal when you get it settled in. Thanks for stopping by, I love making new friends.

Cassy said...

Belated Happy Cat Appreciation Day today and everyday!

Cassy from Guitar Playing Tips

S Golis said...

Your blog is a happy place, interesting too. I love the images of your kitties.