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Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween with Kitty Costumes

We are getting ready to go Trick or Treating to get all the yummy treats from our great friends.

Take a look at our costumes!

How do I look in my new Halloween costume?

In case you can't tell, I'm a lady bug!

Kali the lady bug, that's kinda catchy.

Maybe you can see the little bug a bit better if I tip my head down a bit.

Wow Simba, you're a cowboy!

I'm having a little trouble with this cowboy hat.

I ditched the hat, I like it better this way.

That's not much of a costume Simba, how do you think it looks on me?

This looks kinda cute on me, maybe you can wear the lady bug and I can be a cowgirl?

Hey Simba, come back here, don't you want to try on the lady bug costume?

Mazi, what's your costume?

How cute! Its a bumble bee!

Mazi is a bee!

Kali, this is chick costume, I'm a mancat, I can't run around in this thing!

I can't believe they were out of Pirate costumes.

I was suppose to be a Pirate, Captain Arrrg Kitty.

That would be a great mancat costume.....not this stupid bee.

I hate this bee costume!


Freya's Staff said...

That neckercheif looks fantstic!! You shoudl wear it every day!

The Kitty City Gazette said...

OMG I am laughing hard here. These poor cats. They are like "OH PLEASE!!!!!."

Nice work!

Flamincatdesigns said...

Thanks Freya's Staff, Simba looks nice in red.

Sharon, my poor Mazi boy, he just looked at me like "I USED TO love you, what are you doing to me?"

thanks for enjoying!

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

You look absolutely adorable! I can't believe all three of you were willing to wear costumes. We are very impressed. Unfortunately you are giving my mom ideas...I think I need to hide until Halloween is over.

PuCat said...

...You have THE BEST Halloween costumes I've ever seen...i want THOSE for next year!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the bee is best, love the ear holes.

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