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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Well my hubby and the kitties all spent a nice day at home. Kali made sure we were awake by 4 am, she just doesn't get the concept of sleeping in. Simba is up on the back of my computer chair right now.
My Dad was born in 1925 and he is a WWII vet. He was a ball turret gunner in the B-17 bombers over Europe. He flew in the Battle of the Bulge and many other missions during the war over Germany. I am very proud of him.
I got a cheapie camera yesterday so I can take some videos of the kitties and post them on here. Its going to take a little practice before I get anything worth posting. I also need to learn how to put all the goodies on here. One thing at time.
Mr Mazi just walked past the monitor. I think its time to feed the kitties.

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