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Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's on the menu?

Many people insist on feeding thier Bengals & Savannahs on the raw diet but I have had success with a very healthy cat food and my cats are doing wonderful. I just don't have the time to deal with raw meat for the cats and figure out how to do it safely and not make anyone sick.

I use the Blue spa select adult cat food (in the purple bag- chicken and brown rice) from Blue Buffalo, , that I buy at Petsmart. It is good food and contains -meat, veggies, some fruit and no animal by-products, cheap fillers, artificial preservatives or colors. My cats love the food and have a beautiful silky coat. Even my Savannah, who is suppose to have a rough coat, has softened up after a couple of months of eating this food. They are all a healthy weight, my girl Bengal is 9 lbs, her brother is 10 lbs, and my Savannah is 15 lbs- to date (he can still grow another year).

For wet food, they get some Sheba chicken in the dome containers. They carry them also at Petsmart, Walmart, and Albertson's (and probably more stores). The Bengals will also eat the tuna, but the Savannah won't, so we stick with the chicken so it doesn't get wasted. I open one of those in the morning and then they graze on the dry food during the day. They will have a little more wet food in the evening, but I am dividing up one container between 3 cats at each feeding.

None of them are fanatics about cat treats. They have had the greenies and the catberries and a few others but they prefer thier food.

For a treat, they get a few nibbles of boneless chicken breast before I leave for work each day.

They drink a lot of water! I have 2 drinkwell fountains in the house and they both have the extra reservoir on them. After about 6 days I have to refill the reservoir. I typically just take them apart and clean and fill them once a week. They will get slimey if you do not clean them and then mold will grow - yick! which will make the cats sick. I clean them with warm soapy water with about a teaspoon of bleach in it, once a week.

And Miss Kali cat is our scavenger - anything she sees to eat is fair game! she even takes food away from her brother!

What do you feed your cats?

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