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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Before buying a Bengal Cat

First, be sure you do not live in an area where the Bengal Cats are not allowed. There are several places where they have put in place laws banning any cats that have been bred from any wild cat background. Some areas allow only SBT Bengals, which means they are 4 generations or further from thier wild cat beginings. The ALC, Asian Leopard cat was crossed with domestic cats to create the Bengal.
The Bengal cats are beautiful cats and it is my experience that they are the smartest cats I have ever been around. Our cats are the brown spotted tabby pattern with beautiful green eyes. Thier coat is soft and silky.
Bengals are very very active. Our cats have figured out how to open almost all the cabinet doors in the house and several of our drawers. We have had to put baby locks on the ones that we don't want them to get into!
They like to figure thinks out and are facinating to watch. My girl saw me put a toy in my bathrobe pocket one time and from that time on, she has always poked her feet into my pocket to see if she can find another toy!
They love to climb and have several cat trees around the house. They love to run, they get excited and puff up and run and chase each other around the house. That's known by many Bengal owners as the daily Bengal 500.
They love to play and they make sure that you give them daily attention. If they are not playing with thier people, they are playing with each other or watching the birds out the window and dreaming about catching them. In the evening, both my Bengals like to curl up on us on the couch. They may not always be on top of our laps, they may curl up next to us or on the back of the couch. They want to be close when they snooze in the evening.
They are curious when we have visitors over and want to see what is going on. They have been good with our nieces and nephews when they have visited. The kids get on the floor and pay with toys and the cats are right there to check it out.
They are very playful, affectionate and loveable, but if you want a little fur ball that just snoozes and purrs, then a Bengal cat will not fit your lifestyle.
We love the crazy antics our cats do and how active they are.

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