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Friday, June 13, 2008

Call Her Fast Cat

Tonight Miss Kali is in a fighting mood. She chased Simba around the house a few times before, during and after dinner. She is so fast and its just amazing to see her run and smack at Simba with her front paws mid stride. Mazi decided to teach her a lesson and got low into his stalking mode. He crawled on his belly from one room to the next where she was relaxing and licking, and just when she wasn't looking, he pounced on her. What a bunch of wrestling racket! She was hissing and growling and he was just teaching her a lesson, in his brotherly love, of course.

Today there was a fly that got in the house. All 3 kitties saw it and the great fly hunt was on. Kali and Simba got the fly cornered by the sliding glass door to the patio. They were both chattering and smacking at it. Then someone knocked the fly to the ground. They both lunged for the fly and ended up hissing at each other instead. Kali wanted to eat the fly and I quickly got a napkin and threw the fly in the trash. She wasn't very happy with me, but she doesn't need any fly germs!

She is hunting Simba as I type here. He was over by the window chirping with his crazy sounding Savannah chirp, and licking himself for a quick evening bath. I don't think Bengals speak Savannah, and it just sets Kali off to go chasing him again whenever she hears him chirp.

The Bengals make a higher pitched soft thrill of a chirp when they are having fun and our Savannah makes a lower, gravely sound. Simba also has a scratchy sounding meow, almost like he has a sore throat. Our Benal Boy, Mazi, does the low bellowing cat calls. All 3 cats are fixed, he just likes making the call sound. Kali has a higher pitched meow and when she is excited about something she can really get loud.

I'm not sure if Kali is going to settle down tonight. Last night she slept on my pillow, but she doesn't appear to be slowing down much. Mazi is being his cool kitty self. I think one kitty is going to be shut out of the bedroom tonight so we can get our sleep.

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