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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bedtime for kitties

Bedtime started with our 2 Bengals snuggling up with us in bed. Once we brought Simba, our Savannah home, it changed things quite a bit. Kali would not allow him to sleep with us, if fact she did not even want him within her sight. We have one of the other bedrooms set up for Simba and he had to sleep in there with the door closed for the first few months we had him. If we did not keep him in there, Kali would chase him all night and run over us in bed.
After about 3 months, we were able to let them run around at night through the house. A couple of nights a week, they would have to be separated. We would shut our door and keep one of the cats in with us for the rest of the night so we could get some sleep. Our Bengal boy, Mazi, is more independent and enjoys sleeping where ever he wants in the house by himself. In the cold weather he will snuggle up with us, but usually only for a short time.

The last 3 nights Kali has taken to sleeping on my pillow next to my head and she has allowed Simba to sleep in the kitty bed on top of our bed next to my feet. Shortly before the alarm goes off, Kali wakes up and kicks Simba off the bed.
Things are improving bit by bit, but small steps with miss Kali. Simba is actually very happy with us. He plays and purrs a lot, and has to deal with Kali off and on during the time they are together. We keep them separated while we are at work so Kali can't get too excited and someone ends up hurt. They use that time for thier catnaps, and Kali needs to spend time with her brother Mazi.
I think we are all finding our little family pecking order, but we know Kali will remain the top cat.

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