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Monday, June 30, 2008

The scoop on litter

I have had cats for 20 years + and have tried many cat litter brands and types. In the past I always used clay or the scoopable clay, but found they were both very dusty, and some brands would even get a bit gummy. I have also tried the pine litter, which works fairly well for the odor control, but it sometimes hard to get at the store. The new scoopable pine that I tried, seemed to track worse than the clays. I have also used the wheat litter, which works really well, but it seems Mazi developed an allergy to it so I had to stop using it. My current litter, I am really happy with is This litter seems to stay cleaner than any other litter I have used,it does not get gummy. It also scoops really well and doesn't seem too bad for tracking. Its made from corn so if a kitty eats some, it won't hurt it.

We have a home made litter box enclosure which works great. Actually we have 2. The experts say you should have one for each cat, but the 2 seems to work for us even with 3 cats. We took a large plastic tub with a lid and cut a hole in the side. I didn't have the best cutting tool so you can see my crooked cut in the photo. Kali is in the photo and she was about 4 months old when the pic was taken. You can see the tub is just a little taller than the bathtub side. This is large enough for the Bengals and the Savannah to use as full size adult cats. I have the extra large litter pan in there with a scooper tucked away in the back. The enclosed litter box really helps keep the litter confined. My cats love to bury their stuff, so litter flies everywhere. It also helps with the occasional over the side of the box accident. The top comes off for easy scooping and the whole thing can go outside for washing. The mat is a cheap thin door mat that was under $10 which is cheaper than the mats you buy at the pet store to use with a litter box.
The boxes get scooped every morning so the kitties start out the day with a clean box.

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Fisher said...

Hi guys! I am so glad to hear about the World's Best Cat Litter. I have a nice coupon, but have not found it yet. I checked the site and will do some serious hunting now that I have the info on good authority. Good to hear from you.
Your friend,

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