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Monday, July 6, 2009

My Kitties Collage

This may be too small to show well on the blog. I have a program that let me make this collage of a bunch of my kitty photos. I hope this shows up well enough for everyone to look at.

If you click on the photo, you should see it open up in the large size so you can see all the details.
I wish I could print out a nice big version.


Reese =^..^= said...


Jenny said...

very cute =) meow!

Freya's Staff said...

The top left photo looks SOO much like ME!!!

Daddycat did a double-take!


crazykittykat1 said...

Freya that's funny! The top left corner is Kali.

Abby Normal and Stygia said...

Of course, our favorite ones are the one on the bottom right, and the one right to its left. Right to its left? Well, Ms. C says that makes sense.

Hey! We have a box right now just like that, Abby goes in it and "swims" around in it cause she cannot get a paw or clawhold on it. FUN!

Abby & Stygia

The Creek Cats said...

Hi furiends! You are all very cute!

The Kitty Krew said...

That's a neat picture! What did you use to make it?

You are all pretty kitties, our Mommy just recently (last year or so) found out Bengal kitties existed and thinks they are very cool looking.

Nice to meet you kitties, we'll come back and visit again! :)

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

crazykittykat1 said...

Hi Kitty Krew!
I have a program called PhotoImpact Pro, by Corel.
It has lots of stuff in it and I got it at Best Buy.

Aoise said...

I love ALL the fotos but my favrit is bottom right. Cute!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hello, nice to meet you. We like all your photos.

Patrice said...

Beautiful collage of your kitty photos.

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