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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We got new collars

This month is Mazi and Kali's birthday - 3 years old and next month is Simba's homecoming anniversary of 1 year. We are celebrating with some new cat collars. They are soft and they stretch and have a velcro closure. They come in a bunch of patterns and are available at just click on the link for Beastie Bands.

Mazi is happy to be the "Cool Cat"

Simba is confused and not sure why he got the "Smelly Cat" collar.

Kali is proud of being awarded the "Crazy Cat" collar. She is ready to go chase Simba, she hasn't picked on him yet this morning.


Anonymous said...

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crazykittykat1 said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I took a look at yours and it is off to a good start. I hope you continue to work with the guide dogs. I know someone who also did that and its a great service.

Anonymous said...

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