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Friday, September 5, 2008

Canadian Bengal cats need rescued or fostered

Over 50 cats from a breeder in Canada are in a humane society waiting for fostering or rescue.

Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent or adopting one of these cats, when they are ready, can call the shelter at 905-845-1551 or e-mail

They are also taking donations for support.


Natureworks said...

Thanks for mentioning the cats in the Oakville Humane Society. There are also 7 still in the Newmarket SPCA. I am the Bengal Rescue Coordinator for Eastern Canada and we have never had so many cats in rescue. Usually it is 5 - 10 in a year, not 50 at one time. The increase in Rescue Bengals is due in large part by all the new and inexperienced breeders. Buyer beware. Please check out my blog for advice to buyers and breeders.

snowlion said...

Hi I am looking to help out by fostering if I can. I live in B.C.

crazykittykat1 said...

Hi Snowlion, that would be wonderful if you can foster. This blog post was made in 2008. I would suggest doing a google search on Bengal rescues or any other cat rescues in the area where you live to find a sweet kitty waiting for adoption to foster.

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