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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Rattlie Mice

Yes, it's me Kali, I'm sulking. 
You would be sulking too if you were me.

You see, my most favorite toys in the world are the little mice that have a rattle thing in them. 
I love chasing rattlie mice. Mom and Dad toss them in the air and I love to try and catch them in mid air.
I bop them around and play rattlie mouse soccer on the kitchen floor and even on the carpet.

It sounds like great fun doesn't it?
Well Simba has decided to ruin all my fun.

There she goes again, complaining about me.
I do an important job of population control in this house.
Those mice are out of control.

Here is the hidden evidence of them all living under the stove.

Dad freed the mice from their prison under the stove.
Hey! A couple of my favorite fishie toys are there too!
I wondered where they went to?!?!

I had a great day playing with my toys. 
I had so many to play with I didn't know which one to get next!

While I was having a great time, look what was happening in the kitchen!

Look how he gives them that extra shove at the end 
to be sure I can't reach them.
It's so mean of him!

Mazi walked by him and didn't even try to stop him. 
Lousy brother cat!

Here was all that was left by the next morning. 
Within a few hours of getting up in the morning, they had also been sent back to prison.

So now you understand why I am sulking.


Sophie said...

Maybe he's not right in the head like Huffle's brother Teddy and Daisy's brother Harley. Do you know them?

Sophie (thankful I don't have any brothers)

crazykittykat1 said...

MOL well I think he just don't want me to play and have fun. He thinks he should be da boss. phht!

Thanks for visiting Huffle. I know Daisy and Harley. I will need to get to know you and your brofur. I just visited your bloggy.

Patchy Meow said...

Simba you are one bad kitty!!!!!
>^..^< (") waves paw to Kali.

crazykittykat1 said...

MOL Patchy Meow! *Simba is just mol-ing with a bit of a sinister snear*.

Hai Patchy Meow *Kali waving paw* I'm glad you are on my side. fanks! purrrr

Patchy Meow said...

You are welcome Kali. Simba stop mousenapping >^..^<

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