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Friday, December 16, 2011

Meowy Christmas From Us To You

I hope all my friends are having a wonderful holiday season.

We celebrate Christmas at our home and want to share with you some photos from past Christmas days.

We are bad kitties, it is amazing that Santa Claws even leaves us treats. 

Our Christmas tree doesn't come out of it's box until a couple days before Christmas
because we love to tear it up. MOL ! 

Now don't think our mom and dad are mean to us, they have given us chances.
But the thing that pushed us into holiday exile in the bedroom is our Simba eating the tree!

We even have bitter stuff on the tree but he runs straight to it and nom nom nom. Then he throws up the plastic needles from the tree. This is very bad and dangerous for kitties so that is why we get exiled.

Our daddycat asked about us getting a real tree this year, but momma found out that the pine oils can be toxic plus the same thing with needles puncturing the insides of tummies. phhhtt!!

So here is Simba up in the tree, nom nom nom.

 Maybe my cuteness is what will save me from Santa's naughty list?

Simba, I look much cuter than you do in this Santa suit.

I don't like this suit Kali, you can have it back!

 Fine! It looks cuter on me anyway.... I need to fix the hat though.

These mancats just don't get it.
I bet I am the only one who will get treats from Santa at this house.
I hope  you are good and get some at your house.

Speaking of Santa Claws, you can read the letter we sent him on our friend, Rumpy Dog's blog

Meowy Christmas 
Happy New Year!


Katnip Lounge said...

Oh heck, we are ALL bad kitties. Sandy Claws loves us anyway...

hee hee hee! The holiday attire is funny!

KitKat, Gizmo and Denali said...

We love the christmas tree too. We don't have a Christmas tree at the holiday house though so we have to make do with new hidy spots and things to climb and look at. I cans believe they managed to get u to wear a Santa outfit. I refuse to move when I get put in a harness. Denali would prob wear something like that. She doesn't even notice when she has a harness on

ZOOLATRY said...

Happy Christmas to one and all ... and you're so purrty being all dressed up in holiday cheer!

crazykittykat1 said...

Thanks everyone. We had a wonderful Christmas. I hope everyone else did too.

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