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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Story Begins

In 2005 we fell in love with our 2 Bengals. They were only 10 days old the first time we saw them at our breeders home, at
We fell in love with the little girl, a beautiful brown spotted tabby Bengal and named her Kali. Our plans were to just get one kitty. We had recently lost our tabby of 17 years and our other tabby of 16 years and our sheltie dog of 16 years all within months of each other. We kept going back to visit our little girl kitty as she grew but could not resist being drawn to her brother. We gave in and bought her brother too and named him Mazi.
These 2 are as close as any two cats can be. Mazi is loving and gentle and loves to play. Kali is the fast cat, she's a little fire cracker! She also is loving and she is the head cat of the house.
When they were almost 2 years old, an ad in our local paper appeared for a Savannah that was a year and a half old that they people could not keep because they had just had a baby and did not want to have the cat around the baby. We brought him home and he was already named Simba.
Our Bengals were not happy getting a new addition to the family, but the 2 boys made best of friends. The girl on the other hand has made it her lifes mission to torment the Savannah day and night. She has moments where it seems like she almost plays with him, and some where she ignores him, but mostly she follows him and then decides to beat him up several times a day. Its quite a sight to see. She is 9 lbs and he is 15 lbs. But he lets her rule the house.

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